Hekiun "Hiro" Oda(小田 碧雲)
Chicago’s premier practitioner of Shodo, traditional Japanese calligraphy, Hekiun Oda was born and grew up in Kobe City, Japan, a municipality which was known at that time for a large concentration of shodo masters. Oda began studying shodo at the age of 5 under Goun Katsura, himself a master. Oda moved to Chicago in 1990, and has held exhibitions and demonstrations at various venues, including the Japanese Cultural Institute and McHenry County College. In 2009, he established the Oda Japanese Calligraphy School and has taught over 100 students. Oda obtained a “Shihan” – the highest rank in shodo – in Nov. 2011 from Genshinkai, an association of calligraphers in Japan. 

For Oda, shodo is a reflection of the calligrapher's heart. He explores the beauty of this art form by re-imagining his encounters with life and nature in thin or thick lines and powerful or gentle strokes. It’s a highly intense moment when he is ready to move his brush because a stroke can’t be fixed once having been laid out. Oda’s artist vision is to create beautiful works based on his solid shodo foundation and to share them with the public. 

“Shodo is a high art that can be enjoyed by anybody regardless of your background,” Oda said. “I hope many people outside of Japan have a chance to appreciate shodo as an art.” 


      Giant brush demonstration, Anime Central Convention, Chicago USA
      Giant Brush Demonstration, UNIQLO Hudson Yards New York Opening Ceremony, New York USA
      Designed Japanese Calligraphy Art "筋/Line of Tradition" for Beyond the Box Ⅲ       
      Chicago International Puppet Festival Event, Chicago USA
      Donated Japanese Calligraphy Art "亥/Inoshishi" JET PROGRAM New Year’s Event, Chicago USA

       Performance with Yoshinojyo Fujima (Grandmaster in Fujima style Japanese classical dance) and 
       "Revitalizing Tradition XII" Event Chicago, USA
       Workshop at Japanese Culture Center and America Society of Chicago Chicago, USA
       Giant brush demonstration, Japan Matsuri New City Chicago,USA
       Giant brush demonstration, Asia Festival The Morton Arboretum  Chicago, USA
       Workshop Japanese Culture Center Chicago, USA
       Designed Japanese Calligraphy Art for Summer UNIQLO fashion store Chicago, USA
       Giant brush demonstration, Anime Convention Chicago, USA
       Giant brush demonstration, Anime Central Convention Chicago, USA
       Workshop Japanese Culture Center Chicago, USA
       Designed Japanese Calligraphy Art for Spring Japanese Culture Center Chicago, USA
       Japanese Calligraphy Workshop Elementary School Chicago, USA
        Designed Japanese Calligraphy Art for The Orchid Show Chicago Botanic Garden Chicago, USA
       Donated Japanese Calligraphy Art “Wafu” Japan Information Center JET PROGRAM New Year’s 
       Event Chicago, USA

       Seminar and Demonstration Dominican University, Chicago USA
       Giant brush demonstration, Japanese Culture Center Open House Event, Chicago USA
       Giant brush demonstration, UNIQLO fashion store 2nd Anniversary Event, Chicago USA
       Giant brush demonstration, Japanese Culture Center JET PROGRAM New Year’s Event,
       Chicago USA

2017 - 2019
       Solo Exhibition UNIQLO fashion store, Chicago USA

      Designed the logo for WASABI restaurant, Chicago USA
      Performance Japanese Calligraphy collaborated performance with a singer for Yoshi’s Café
      34th Anniversary Event, Chicago USA
      Giant Brush demonstration, UNIQLO fashion store 1st Anniversary Event, Chicago USA
      Demonstration All Nippon Airways (ANA) Chicago to Tokyo Haneda Flight Event, 
      Chicago USA
      Demonstration, Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Chicago 50th Event,
      Chicago USA

     Designed the logo and menu for Boogytori restaurant, Chicago USA
     Demonstration Beam Suntory Event, Chicago USA
     Designed the logos for Ramen Takeya restaurant,  Chicago USA

     Japanese Calligraphy Workshop Oak Park District, Chicago USA

     Commissioned to create the Kizuna logo for the East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Photo
     Exhibit, Chicago USA 
     Donated the Kizuna piece to the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois, Chicago USA

2012 – 2019
     The Kizuna piece is used at the East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Photo Exhibit, Chicago USA

     Big brush demonstration, Japanese Cultural Institute, Chicago USA
     Demonstration, McHenry County College, Chicago USA
     Solo exhibit, McHenry County College, Chicago USA
     Giant brush demonstration, Amada America 40th Anniversary Event, Chicago USA
     Calligraphy seminar, McHenry County College, Chicago USA
     Demonstration, Hitachi Medical Event, Chicago USA

     Giant brush demonstration, Japanese Cultural Institute, Chicago USA
     Giant brush demonstration, Japan Festival, Chicago USA
     Solo exhibit, Ai Restaurant, Chicago USA

     Exhibit, Japan Festival, Illinois 
     Calligraphy seminar, Japanese American Service Committee, Chicago USA


    Central Achievement Award by Japan America Society of Chicago, Chicago USA

    Recommendation, Genshin Calligraphy Exhibit, Hyogo, Japan
    Masterpiece Commendation, Hyogo Prefecture Calligraphy Exhibit, Hyogo, Japan

    Masterpiece Commendation, Genshin Public Contest Exhibit, Hyogo, Japan
    Special Commendation, Genshin Calligraphy Exhibit, Hyogo, Japan